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Mobile filters are portable water filtration systems ideal for small to medium-sized applications and low flow rate applications. Compact, portable filtration for easy storage and maintenance on the go. They provide versatile, reliable filtration for a wide range of industrial applications.
These filters improve tool life, clean surface finish, reduce machine down time for pump maintenance and extend fluid life. They clean and revitalise industrial fluids helping industrial users maintain fluid cleanliness, improve performance, and reduce their amount of waste and disposal costs.

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Mobile Filter
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Mobile Filter

  • This is portable water filtration systems.
  • Duel filtration with cartridge element in S.S and MS housing
  • Suitable for removing ferrous and nonferrous particle.
  • This in turn saves down time and increases productivity
  • Easy to handle portable filtration system.
  • Dipping washer are compact, simple and most effective cleaning method
  • The process time can be adjustable on PLC with fully automatic operated.
  • The working principle is based on cleaning the parts inside the cleaning liquid media be means of a simple and reliable pneumatically operated dunking platform with a adjustable stroke.
  • The systems designed to operate oil based, ambient and hot liquid.