Rotary Table Washers

Rotary Table Washers

We Are A Manufacturer, Supplier, And Exporter Of Rotary Table Washers, Rotary Table Washing Machines, And Our Set Up Is Situated In Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Rotary Type Component Cleaning Machine Has Been Developed To Provide Fast And Efficient Cleaning Of Manufactured Components. Components Would Be Loaded On A Basket, Which Is Rotated By A Ac Motor And Gearbox At Constant Speed Regardless Of The Load. During The Rotation, The Solution (Water Along With Chemicals) From The Tank Is Pumped With The Help Of A Centrifugal Pump To Wash The Chamber Through Inline Filter Onto The Components To Attain A Higher Degree Of Cleaning Results. From Wash Chamber, It Drains Back To The Tank Via A Basket Filter. Spray Pressure Indicator (Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge) Is Provided To Monitor The Line Pressure. Low Water Level Indication And Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controller Is Provided On The Control Panel. The Machine Is Provided With Automatic Opening & Closing Of The Canopy. The Entire Tank, Body, And Body Cover Will Be Of Stainless Steel. Exhaust Ducting Is Supplied Along With The Machine To Take Out The Water Vapors Outside The Machine.

Features :

Low Running Cost.

These Machines Have Been Developed To Provide Effective, Fast And Economical Cleaning.

Suitable For General Cleaning Of Different Components In The Same Machine.

Multi-Tier Filtration System With Belt Type Oil Skimmer To Take Out The Floating Oil.

Stainless Steel Construction Provides A Lifetime Of Reliable Performance.

Portable Design, Hence Can Be Easily Shifted Anywhere.

Can Be Customized To Meet Specific Cleaning Application.

Space Saving And Economical - High Levels Of Cleanliness Can Be Achieved For Low Cost

Machine Can Be Incorporated With Following Basket Sizes, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm And Up To 1500mm Dia.

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